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Surely - Non-Alcoholic Blanc - White Wine Blend

Surely - Non-Alcoholic Blanc - White Wine Blend

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The Juicy Details

This one’s not just for white wine lovers. It’s for the gin sippers and cocktail maestros too. It’s for the ones who aren’t satisfied with ordinary or predictable. Non-alcoholic Blanc is for the moment when you’re done with boring NA drinks and are ready to experience a symphony in a glass.

Not a Sauvignon Blanc. A completely unique sip. On the nose, you’ll pick up an aromatic blend of citrus, ginger, basil, and hops. Take a sip and enjoy a medium body with bright acidity and notes of bold juniper, refreshing yuzu, and white wine classics like pear and apple. Hints of hops, basil, and spice round out the finish. It was crafted with three unique grape varietals because one varietal wasn't enough to capture the complexity you deserve in your glass. On top of this wine foundation, Surely infused a medley of herbaceous, citrus, and botanical elements. The result is a bold, bright and unconventional wine unlike anything you’ve ever sipped. There are on average 133 calories in a typical 5 oz glass of wine. In this one? Just 25.

More Details


Grapes: Riesling, selected for its refined elegance and delightful tropical fruit character, anchors the blend. Symphony, an obscure varietal from the muscat family, introduces a subtle sweetness. Gewurztraminer, with its darker hue and red skin, contributes a unique fruit profile, gentle sweetness, and adds body. This trio creates a balanced and fruit-forward white wine.

Herbaceous character: A medley of rosemary, elderflower and natural extracts creates herbal and earthy notes that deepen the complexity of the wine. You’ll notice lovely notes of basil and juniper in your glass.

Citrus character: Lemon and natural citrus extracts impart a zesty acidity characteristic of distinguished white wines.

Color: Light Hay
Aroma: Citrus, vanilla, ginger, basil and hops.
Body: Medium

Tasting notes: Refreshing & Complex. Bold, bright notes of juniper, yuzu and botanicals layered atop pear, apple and elderflower. Hints of hops, basil and spice round out the finish.

Sweetness: Dry
Acidity: Zippy
ABV: 0.5%

Food Pairings

Compliments your favorite spicy dishes like Indian Curry or Pad Thai. Serve with salty cheeses like aged Gouda and Gorgonzola.


Dealcoholized White Wine Blend (Riesling, Symphony, Gewurztraminer), Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Peach Concentrate, Lemon Concentrate, Natural Flavors and Extracts, Organic Ground Rosemary, L-Theanine (From Green Tea), Organic Ginger Root Powder, Organic Elderflower, Sulfites (Preservative)

Vegan, gluten free, & non GMO

Serving size: 5 oz
Servings per bottle: 5
Macros per serving:
1g of sugar
5g of carbs
25 calories

Made In

Made in CA, USA


750mL (25 fl oz)


Expiry date on bottle.


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