Why Shop Evergreen?

I created Evergreen because I wanted to help people drink less alcohol. It's not as easy as it sounds. Whether because of pregnancy, you're sober-curious, just for fun, addiction, health reasons - whatever it is - we support it, and want to help you on your journey. I have seen too much addiction around me and wanted to do something about it, something that would make it easier for people to choose not to drink if that's what they want. I also know countless people who want to stop drinking alcohol, but can't because they're caught in this societal structure of feeling like they have to drink. Nobody should feel bad for a choice they want to make for their own body, nor should they be peer pressured.

Non-alcoholic beverages have come such a long way and I'm so happy they have! No more, "I'll just have club soda and a lime." At Evergreen we only sell  products we believe in. We're also extremely picky about what we sell, where it comes from, and what's inside of it. When deciding between brands, we look for  ones that use organic ingredients, fewer preservatives, and less added sugar. We do not sell any hemp/CBD/THC products.

So why shop with us? Because we have faith in a future where people consume less alcohol and become healthier beings as a byproduct.

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