Our Story

Evergreen began with a few questions

“How can I provide value to my community?”, “How can I help those around me the best I know how?” I started Evergreen because I wanted to help people drink less alcohol. I know many people who genuinely want to stop drinking, but feel like they can’t because of a longstanding societal “rule” that says you have to drink.

What I see is a paradigm shift occurring in humans

We've never cared more about what we put in (and on) our bodies, and how the things around us affect our lives and families. So what if I could create a space that helps people make better-for-them-and-their-families’ purchases? I realized I had a knack for researching and scrutinizing the things that I buy and I could share that, because not everyone cares or likes to do that.

At Evergreen, we're extremely picky about what we sell

We care about where it's made, what's in it and what its made from, the values of the company who make it, and if we love it. We also care about design and how things look. This means we source products made in the USA whenever possible (not China if we can avoid it, unless we’ve developed a strong relationship with a Chinese vendor and 110% trust them), and if it's a beverage it must come in a glass bottle or a can - never plastic. It also means we will only share the things with you that we really really like. Oh, and it will most definitely be nice to look at. And if we come to find out something we've been selling has changed ingredients or manufacturing to lesser quality, we’ll investigate to determine whether we should stop selling their products.

We’re on a quest to refine the things in our everyday lives

that affect our bodies by (1) educating ourselves about what’s in our food and where it comes from, and (2) reducing the plastic/harmful things that touch our food, water, and bodies (looking at you polyester!). So, we’re starting with non-alcoholic beverages, with the intent to start sharing with you more of what we love (and have thoroughly researched) in other categories soon.

We also believe in full transparency

Ever wondered where a product was made but the website made it so incredibly hard to find out? This is why there's a “Made In” drop down on every product page so you can quickly and easily see where every product is made. We think it’s cool to know where things come from!

Conscious consumerism

It's a buzz word lately, but it’s not a fad - it’s truly the next generation of consumers who care more than ever before about the things they, well, consume. Just like conscious consumerism, not drinking alcohol isn't a fad either. It might be considered trendy now, but the more people learn how it really affects your body, it's here to stay. That's what Evergreen symbolizes - a beautiful evergreen tree - enduring, lasting, and eternal.

At the end of the day, we know not everything is perfect. Constant improvement is our motto and knowing we’re doing our best is all we need to do. To us, Evergreen Curated represents refinement. There’s so much of everything in the world, but what's really needed is quality and things that make you smile when you look at them.