Lavender Jasmine Martini (Non-Alcoholic Mocktail)

Lavender Jasmine Martini (Non-Alcoholic Mocktail)

I got the inspiration for this floral tea non-alcoholic cocktail from our friends at Theirs is a lavender earl grey martini, but we were hot out of earl grey when wanting to try this recipe, so I figured why not try with my all-time favorite tea - jasmine. I'm so glad we ran out of earl grey because this is outstanding!


How to Make It

  1. Strong brew a cup of jasmine tea. All The Bitter advised doing this by using less water and steeping for 8-10 minutes. We used 6 oz of water and steeped for 9 mins.
  2. Add all ingredients plus ice to a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake!
  3. Strain and garnish with a lemon slice, lemon wedge, or lavender buds!


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