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Sweet's Elderberry

Sweet's Elderberry - Elderberry Shrub - Gift / Travel Size

Sweet's Elderberry - Elderberry Shrub - Gift / Travel Size

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The Juicy Details

Sweet's Elderberry Shrub, a refreshing infusion of organic elderberry, apple cider vinegar, and fresh ginger. Support immunity, ease digestion, and add a bright zingy note to drinks.

This refreshing organic infusion of elderberry and apple cider vinegar is lightly sweetened with raw cane sugar and warmed with fresh North Carolina ginger. Perfectly sized for gifts, crafting cocktails and mocktails, cheese boards, traveling, and anyone trying Shrub for the first time!

What is a Shrub?

Shrubs are known as "drinking vinegars." Shrubs are vinegar-based syrups that can add a nice tang to your drinks - meant to substitute citrus in cocktails (and non alcoholic cocktails).

From Sweet's Elderberry's site: It’s an old-school beverage, originally made with fermented fruit and sugar. In colonial times and earlier, it helped preserve a surplus of produce when refrigeration was scarce. Today, in place of fermentation, we use apple cider vinegar to create the acidulated zing associated with the drink. Vinegar-based drinks have been used for centuries to settle the stomach, promote gut health, and improve hydration. 

How to use a Shrub?

Probably not your typical use for a shrub, but we love using it in place of balsamic vinegars - think mixed with olive oil to dip bread into, adding it to buttered toast, topping it on sour cream & butter doused mashed/baked potatoes - the delicious possibilities are endless.

For the traditional route, use a shrub to replace citrus, or make your cocktail in the same way you normally would, and just add a bit of shrub at the end for some sourness. 

Sweet’s Elderberry Shrub adds a delicious flavor boost to seltzer, sparkling water, kombucha, cocktails and mocktails, and even salad dressing!


More Details

Vegan | Organic Ingredients | Non-GMO | Safe for all ages Shelf-stable | 1-year shelf life | Refrigerate after opening | Safe for use in infants and while pregnant/nursing

For best taste, serve chilled. Reusable, recyclable 2 oz. glass bottle meets airport TSA size guidelines for carry-on liquids. WINNER: 2022 Good Food Awards, Elixirs Category FINALIST: 2021 Our State Magazine "Made in NC" Awards


Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic dried elderberries (Sambucus nigra), organic cane sugar, organic fresh ginger, purified water.

Made In

Made In USA


2 oz glass bottle


Shelf stable 12-24 months. Refrigerate after opening and use within 1 year.


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