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Royal Rose Syrups

Royal Rose Syrups - Rose Organic Simple Syrup 2oz

Royal Rose Syrups - Rose Organic Simple Syrup 2oz

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The Juicy Details

Organic, small batch simple syrups with filtered water. Royal Rose Simple Syrup's Rose Organic Simple Syrup is a captivating creation that weaves the elegance of fair trade organic rose petals with the zesty allure of organic lime juice. A delightful dance of flavors, this syrup will awaken your senses, adding vibrancy and versatility to your culinary journey. Made with care and precision in the heart of Newcastle, Maine, it's the embodiment of the natural beauty and grace that define the region.

Captivating Elegance of Rose and Lime Indulge in the floral symphony of Royal Rose's Rose Organic Simple Syrup. This alluring creation enhances your drinks with grace and style. Try your hand at crafting delightful cocktails like the "Rose Blossom Fizz" or "Lime & Rose Collins." Each sip is an invitation to a blooming garden of flavor, where the subtle warmth of rose petals meets the zesty embrace of lime.

Beyond libations, the syrup elevates your culinary creations. Drizzle it over fruit salads for a refreshing twist, or use it to make an exquisite vinaigrette that pairs wonderfully with fresh greens. Its delicate charm lends itself to desserts, transforming everything from cakes to sorbets into memorable indulgences.

*Please note, this is the 2oz mini bottle size and not the 8 oz bottle pictured.

More Details

Handcrafted in Maine
Every bottle of Royal Rose Simple Syrup's Rose Organic Simple Syrup reflects their unwavering commitment to quality. Each batch is lovingly handcrafted in Maine, a place that encapsulates natural beauty and purity. When you experience Royal Rose's syrup, you're not just tasting a product; you're immersing yourself in the genuine flavors of their beloved state.

Certified Organic Purity
Rest assured, Royal Rose's Rose Syrup is more than just an exquisite flavor—it's an MOFGA USDA Certified Organic product. Their commitment to quality means you're savoring the finest ingredients sourced from local, organic rose petals and limes. Every drop is crafted meticulously to ensure the highest standards of organic excellence.

PAIRINGS: Tea | Matcha | Lemonade | Seltzer | Tonic | Grapefruit | Gin | Aperol | Sparkling Wine | Ice Cream | Icing | Non-GMO USDA Certified Organic | Gluten Free | Glass Bottles | Refrigerate once opened | Shelf-stable 18 months | No preservatives | No artificial additives


Organic Unbleached Sugar, Filtered Water, Organic Lime Juice, Organic Fair Trade Rose Petals.

Made In

Lovingly handcrafted in Maine, USA.


2 fl oz (59 ml) glass bottle


Royal Rose Syrups are shelf stable for 18 months, unopened.

Refrigerate after opening.


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