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Grüvi - Non-Alcoholic Wine Dry Red Blend

Grüvi - Non-Alcoholic Wine Dry Red Blend

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The Juicy Details

Your new weeknight obsession. 

🏅Award-Winner at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 23 🏅

Taste is first and foremost at Grüvi, and their latest batch of the non alcoholic red Dry Blend was developed with a world renowned sommelier and feedback from customers so they could get it just right. 

Grüvi's non alcoholic Red Blend is pleasantly dry and richly full-bodied, with aromas of cranberry and cherry and subtle notes of savory cardamom and nutmeg. The subtle tannins and oak influence truly make it everything you want in a red wine. 
This velvety smooth alcohol removed wine 
has the structure and depth of your favorite red vino, with none of the regret. It's also gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, 0.5% ABV.

With just 45 calories in a can, you can indulge in having your favorite glass of red wine every night of the week.

*One 4-pack is equal to 1⅓ wine bottles*

How It's Made

Grüvi sources exceptional wine from California wine country and "obsesses over" the aging process and ingredients.

Then they gently remove the alcohol without losing the wine’s texture or tannins via a fancy shmancy dealcoholization process.

Why We Love It

This non alcoholic red wine from Grüvi is a surprisingly great red wine replacement. It's dry, it's tasty, comes in a convenient can to take wherever you go, AND it doesn't taste like grape juice! We also love that they use spring water to make this wine!


De-alcoholized California red wine, spring water, riesling grape juice concentrate, natural flavors.

Made In

Made in Canada with California grapes.


250 mL cans


Expiry date on can.


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