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Grüvi - Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA

Grüvi - Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA

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The Juicy Details

Taste the tropics with Grüvi's juicy IPA. Grüvi's second release of the Juicy IPA is packed with flavors of pineapple, which is nicely balanced with notes of citrus and a hint of fig. 

A medium level of bitterness helps to round out this citrusy sipper. This IPA is also less filtered than Grüvi's other beers, so it has a slightly cloudy appearance. Swirl before drinking.

How is Grüvi's beer made?

Grüvi's process is very similar to normal beer. Grüvi's beer undergoes a full fermentation, but by closely monitoring and adjusting variables along the way, such as temperature, they maintain very low levels of alcohol.

As a 'Hazy IPA,' the Juicy is less filtered than your average beer, which is why it has a foggy appearance and more complex flavor profile.

< 0.5% ABV


Water, barley, wheat, malt, hops, natural flavoring, yeast.

< 0.5% ABV

Made In

Made in Canada


355 mL can(s)


See expiration date on can.


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