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Best Day Brewing

Best Day Brewing - Kölsch Non-Alcoholic Beer

Best Day Brewing - Kölsch Non-Alcoholic Beer

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The Juicy Details

Best Day is beer inspired by an ethos: Best Day Yet. It’s a belief in the celebration of now, and an ever optimistic perspective on the future. With this in mind Best Day Brewing crafted non-alcoholic craft beers to toast those moments when everything clicks into place.

Best Day's Kölsch is light, crisp, and easy drinking with a nice toasty malt character and lighter hopping. Best Day Brewing uses a combination of Cologne and Pilsner Malts and Hallertau Traditional hops to create a refreshingly complex Kölsch-style ale. The crisp and clean finish leaves you wanting another sip.

Beer typically has about 150 calories, light beers are less, around 100 calories or less. This beer? 55 calories per 12 fl oz.

Why We Love It

Best Day Brewing non-alcoholic beers were recommended to us by a stranger, and they were right! The quality and the flavor is shocking for a non-alcoholic beer - they're really good! We think the Kölsch tastes similar to a Heineken.


Filtered water, barley, hops, yeast.

Made In

Made in USA


12 fl oz. cans


Good ~270 days from canning date printed on can.


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