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Aperitivo Spritz (Non-Alcoholic)

Here it is, the recipe I've been itching to make, a Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo Spritz (a NA aperol spritz), AKA the drink of summer. Get what you need to make this recipe by clicking here. This drink is a vibrant red, and it's naturally dyed, unlike its alcoholic counterpart. Who wants to eat red 40 anyway?? This is a super easy mocktail recipe, and only 3 ingredients. Click here to watch us make this recipe on Instagram!


• 3 oz non alcoholic sparkling wine (we used Gruvi Dry-Secco non alcoholic prosecco)
• 2 oz Wilfred's Bittersweet Aperitif (NA aperol substitute. We LOVE Wilfred's!)
• 1 oz sparkling water (we used Eleve Beauty adaptogen infused sparkling water)


Add everything to a big wine glass with ice. (Tip: use bigger ice cubes so that it takes longer to water down your spritz).


The proportions are totally up to you here, if you want more of the Wilfred's, add more. If you're more of a sparkling wine person, add more of that. Or, if you don't want a super strong flavor, add more sparkling water.

You'll typically see a non alcoholic aperitivo spritz with unflavored sparkling water, but we opted for a flavored one because there are no rules here. Use whatever sparkling water your heart desires!

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