Zero Proof Mimosa

Zero Proof Mimosa

The easiest non-alcoholic mimosa recipe - just 2 ingredients that you can find easily at the supermarket. If you can’t find a non-alcoholic sparkling wine, use sparkling apple or grape juice instead. Watch us make this virgin mimosa here.


🥂 4 oz non-alcoholic sparkling wine (products below)
🥂 2 oz orange juice or a few frozen orange juice ice cubes


Add both the sparkling zero proof wine and orange juice to a champagne or wine  glass. Normally we'd use a champagne glass but our ice cube wouldn't fit! Proportions are up to you, if you like your mimosa more on the orange juice side, add more OJ, if you like it more on the wine side, use less orange juice. Garnish with some fresh fruit like strawberries 🍓, blueberries 🫐, mangoes 🥭, or pineapple 🍍!

Sparkling Zero Proof Wines

Joyus Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Rose

Joyus Sparkling Non-Alcoholic White Wine

Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry-Secco (non-alcoholic prosecco)

Kally Golden Sparkler Non-Alcoholic Champagne

Zera Organic Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay


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