Watermelon Mojito Mocktail

Watermelon Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Watermelon Mojito for 2

This watermelon mojito mocktail is an incredibly easy mocktail and such a perfect mocktail for summer. This tastes like you're on vacation on a tropical island.

watermelon mojito recipe


How to Make this Watermelon Mojito

Add 3-4 lime wedges, a few mint leaves, a little less than .5 oz agave (optional), and a few watermelon cube pieces each in two tall highball or collins glasses. Muddle until lime and watermelon are broken up. Add ice, non alcoholic rum, and top with AVEC Yuzu Lime sparkling water, stir, and enjoy! 


This recipe is pretty sweet by our standards, so you could definitely omit the agave if you want something less sweet. Also, if you like your mojito more seltzery, do less watermelon chunks. If you don't have non alcoholic rum, just omit and use more seltzer! But we have to say, the tropical pineapple and coconut notes in this rum are delicious.

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