Tart Cherry Juice Mocktail

Tart Cherry Juice Mocktail

Why Make a Tart Cherry Juice Mocktail?

Tart cherry juice contains naturally occurring melatonin which may help you get better sleep. Studies show it may help you fall asleep faster, as well as sleep longer. The latter may not be a plus if you need to be up early the next morning and don't have enough sleep time 😂. Make sure to get tart cherry juice not from concentrate and with no added sugar. This drink is an easy mocktail, only requires a few ingredients, wonderful for any time of the year, and perfect on a Sunday to get you ready to cozy up for bed.

We prefer to buy juices not from concentrate because the process to extract the water can result in a less nutritious juice, but we recommend doing your own research to decide what's best for you.

Click here to watch us make this mocktail in collaboration with Party Host Helpers on Instagram.

When and how much tart cherry juice to drink before bed?

Try drinking 4-8 oz of tart cherry juice about an hour before bed. When we tried this for about a week, we loved the peaceful nighttime ritual that drinking the juice created. 


🍒 3-4 oz organic tart cherry juice
🍒 3 droppersful All the Bitter Orange Bitters
🍒 4 oz or half a can of AVEC Yuzu & Lime seltzer
🍒 squeeze of fresh lime

How to Make This Tart Cherry Mocktail

Add all ingredients plus ice into a wine glass. Garnish with a lime wedge, rosemary sprig, and a sprinkle of clove. Tip: using a large ice cube means it takes longer for your drink to become watered down.

tart cherry juice mocktail

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