Spicy Piña Colada 🌶️

Spicy Piña Colada 🌶️

This is a spicy take on a piña colada featuring Amethyst Spirits Lemon Cucumber Serrano pepper botanical spirit and Eleve's Fire Pineapple & Cayenne adaptogen sparkling water. Read on for the full mocktail recipe below!

Spicy Piña Colada Mocktail Ingredients

🌶️ 2 oz Amethyst Spirits Lemon Cucumber Serrano botanical non alcoholic spirit
🌶️ 3-4 oz pineapple juice
🌶️ 1 oz coconut cream
🌶️ squeeze of lemon or lime juice
🌶️ top with Eleve Fire (pineapple cayenne) adaptogen sparkling water, or omit for a less bubbly option!

How to Make This Spicy Piña Colada

Add everything to a shaker or mason jar with ice and give it a vigorous shake. Then strain into a glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a pineapple wedge or pineapple stems. Enjoy!

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