Non-alcoholic mango dark and stormy cocktail

🥭 Mango Dark and Stormy 🥭 (Non-Alcoholic)

We've got to say, this non-alcoholic mango dark and stormy is super delicious and definitely worth trying. It comes together quickly and easily with just a few ingredients. You can easily swap the fresh mango in this mocktail for other fruits like pineapple, papaya, or peach (and no, we didn't choose all 'p' fruits on purpose 😂). We made this tropical zero proof cocktail for father's day, as dark and stormy cocktails used to be my (Gabrielle, owner) dad's drink of choice. 


🥭 chopped fresh mango, to muddle
🥭 1/2 tbs maple syrup (or simple syrup/agave)
🥭 1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
🥭 2 oz non-alcoholic rum (we're using Caleño's Dark & Spicy zero proof rum)
🥭 AVEC sparkling ginger mixer (We love AVEC for its low sugar content. If using ginger beer, cut out the maple syrup. You won't need the extra sweet as typical ginger beers have a ton of added sugar)

How to Make This Dark and Stormy

Add mango, maple syrup, and lime juice to a tall glass and muddle until the mango is sufficiently broken up. Next, add ice, zero proof rum, and top with AVEC sparkling ginger. Stir if you like and garnish with a lime slice or wedge.

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