Adaptogenic Matcha Latte with Aplos Arise

Adaptogenic Matcha Latte with Aplos Arise

I love matcha lattes. I stay away from too much caffeine because it usually makes me feel nauseous, so matcha is my go-to. I love the taste, color, and the ritual of making it. When we got Aplos Arise in to try, we first tried it with seltzer, lime, and agave, which is delicious, but for some reason I really wanted to try it with matcha - and it did not disappoint. Aplos Arise is a non alcoholic spirit packed with adaptogens (good-for-you herbs and plant extracts). It has such a unique and interesting flavor that we've really been enjoying lately, and it's supposed to give you an uplifting, mood boosting feel after 15-20 mins of drinking. I also decided to add some of it to make a soft whipped cream cold foam to top the latte. Watch me make this recipe by clicking here!

Adaptogenic Matcha Latte Recipe

  • 1/2-1 tsp matcha powder
  • 6-8ish oz milk of choice (I use Elmhurst Oat Milk)
  • 1 tbs of sweetener (or to your taste) maple syrup, simple syrup, agave, etc.
  • 1.5-2 oz (2 oz if no cold foam) Aplos Arise adaptogenic non alcoholic spirit

Adaptogenic Soft Whipped Cream/Cold Foam Recipe


The traditional way to make matcha is by first mixing the powder with a small amount of hot water, then adding it to milk to make a latte, but I don't do that because I never care to heat up the water. I always pour a bit (an ounce or 2) of whatever milk I'm using - usually oat milk - plus the powder and whisk with a bamboo matcha whisk until there's no clumps. Then I pour 6-8ish oz of oat milk into a glass with ice, and pour the matcha mixture in. I usually go lighter on the milk because I want a stronger matcha flavor. Finally, I add a bit of sweetener (maple syrup, agave, or whatever simple syrup we have on hand) and stir.

To Make the Soft Whipped Cream/Cold Foam

Making homemade whipped cream is one of the easiest and most delicious things you can make yourself. We do it all the time because there's no fillers, and we can control what we add to it. Usually to make whipped cream, you need to chill your bowl and whisk, but since this is a single serve amount, you don't need to do this. I'm using a cheap milk frother I got on Amazon and a small glass to keep it contained. Keep in mind, whatever amount of cream you pour into your bowl/glass, it will at least 1.5x in volume, and 2x if you're making regular whipped cream instead of soft.

Simply pour some cream into your bowl/glass/cup, add the Aplos and a touch of sweetener, and use your milk frother, hand mixer, or even regular whisk (it will just take longer, but I've done this plenty of times).

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